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From The Chroneicle (via The Dish):

Here is arguably the most startling statistic you have heard this year: It is likely that there are at least as many adult Americans with student-loan debts outstanding as there are living bachelor’s degree recipients who ever took out student loans. That’s right: as many debtors as degree holders! How can that be? First, huge numbers of those borrowing money never graduate from college. Second, many who borrow are not in baccalaureate degree programs. Three, people take forever to pay their loans back.


A proposed solution:

We need to selectively wean college students from their debt addiction by beginning to restrict eligibility for borrowing to the most needy. We need to constrain the amounts borrowed more than at present. We need to reduce an already significant federal unfunded liability. One positive by-product would almost certainly be a sharp reduction in the explosion in tuition costs.

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